Doom Fiction

What you have stumbled upon is a growing collection of short fiction based on Id Software’s landmark computer game DOOM, one of my favorite video games and a major source of inspiration for me as a horror writer, as an artist, and as a video game designer. This project began as a simple exercise in horror narrative and blew into a rather ambitious fanfiction project in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft. I hope you, dear reader, find enough nightmarish thrills in these stories to taint your dreams for weeks to come. So sit back, dim the lights, and have at!



An unsettling document is discovered in the ruins of a research installation on one of the moons of Mars. The events it describes are difficult to believe and not for the faint of heart.



A compilation of documents is recovered from the site of a strange astronomical phenomenon. The nightmares it describes occurred at the UAC Deimos Facility before, during, and after the catastrophe at the Phobos Facility.


INFERNO (unfinished)

Collected evidence of a UAC cover-up regarding the disastrous first military operation into the demon realm, in the form of several emails and the doomed expedition’s written and audio logs. There isn’t much to this story except an unfinished first draft.


Special thanks go to Doomworld, the Doom Depot,

horror authors throughout the ages, the movie Outland,

Mom and Dad, and the staff of Id Software circa 1993.

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