Doom Fiction


What you have stumbled upon is a growing collection of short fiction based on Id Software’s landmark computer game DOOM, one of my favorite video games and a major source of inspiration for me as a horror writer, as an artist, and as a video game designer. This project began as a simple exercise in horror narrative and blew into a rather ambitious fanfiction project in the spirit of H. P. Lovecraft. I hope you, dear reader, find enough nightmarish thrills in these stories to taint your dreams for weeks to come. So sit back, dim the lights, and have at!




A research facility on Phobos is ravaged by a demonic invasion, and a lone space marine struggles with his sanity as he tries to escape the doomed moon.



The survivors of the Deimos Base invasion — and the dimensional relocation of the moon itself — make several bold attempts to contact earth and alert humanity of what has happened.



A squad of marines and scientists is sent into the demon realm to recover stolen UAC technology, but all they find is a horrifying revelation.


Special thanks go to Doomworld, the Doom Depot,

horror authors throughout the ages, the movie Outland,

Mom and Dad, and the staff of Id Software circa 1993.

5 comments on “Doom Fiction

  1. I finished Inferno a while ago. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next! I usually despise the letter/journal entry style of writing, but it works really well in these. Keep up the good work!

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