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Dead-End Solutions is a flea market of amusement for the bored and the frugal.

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You can email Mike MacDee at yahoo dot com.


About the Author

Mike MacDee is a subterranean desert creature that secretes graphic novels and short fiction as a defense mechanism. He is currently on the endangered species list, but so far environmentalists have shown no interest in preserving him.

He sometimes goes by 5thman, Applebetty, and Minus1Gopher.


4 comments on “About

  1. Is there a way you I could talk you into Letting the site i work at ( Geek Juice Media ) Host your Splatterhouse 3D game pack?

    I think it’s great fun , and would love to do a little review of it with a hosted download if i could

    • Thanks for asking! I’m okay with it, as long as you hotlink to my profile at GameJolt in the article. People have a habit of getting outdated versions of my games on other freeware sites — the GameJolt profile always has the latest versions.

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